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Michael Childs Some people understood it was a humanitarian gesture, and others felt that we were betraying the tribe 1862 Family in 1862, Factions John Other Day (Anpetu-Tokeka), Humanitarian Oral History
Barbara Anderson Chief Red Iron 1862 Family in 1862, Factions Red Iron (Ma-za-sa), Lac qui Parle, Chief Oral History
Lisa Besemer It happened right here! 1862 Family in 1862 Highway 29, Haberly, Haag, Henle Oral History
Robert Beussman That story was just a story until my aunt took the gun to have it repaired 1862 Family in 1862 Weapons Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku When you go to war, some people disappear 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Oral History, Family in 1862, Fort Snelling, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Dakota Social Structure Injustice, Wakute (Wacouta), Canku, Diaspora, Lake Traverse, Orphans, Relatives, Montana, Canada, Fort Totten, Roles, Warriors, Fugitive Oral History
Judith Anywaush “If you just give me a hand up, I know that I can make it.” 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling, Family in 1862, Crow Creek, Punitive Expeditions, Abraham Lincoln, Mankato Hangings Fort Snelling, Expendable, Wechankpeotowe (Many Stars Woman), Crow Creek, Soup, Bishop Whipple, Steamboat, Military, Soldiers, Survival Oral History
John LaBatte Education needs to tell the truth about what happened 1862 Family in 1862 LaBatte, Quinn, Hapstina Oral History
John LaBatte Two of my grandfathers were sentenced to hang at Mankato 1862 Family in 1862, Aftermath of 1862 Christianity, Davenport Prison, Faribault, Henry Whipple, Mankato Oral History
Evelyn Eischen This little boy was laying in the ditch 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862 Roeser, Holm Oral History
Frederick Juni We surely have to keep history alive 1862 Family in 1862, Morton Morton, Frank Massopust Oral History
Alice Henle She cut a lock of his hair and kept it. 1862 Family in 1862 Hartman, Riel, Roner, Henle Oral History
Walter LaBatte “Makte sni , makte sni, damakota do, damakota do.” 1862 Family in 1862, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Camp Release Camp Release, Marches, Treaties, Trials, March Oral History
Sandra Geshick They sacrificed so we can have what we have today 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862, Mankato Hangings, Davenport Prison, Crow Creek Mankato, Davenport, Crow Creek, Flandreau, Bloomington, Lower Sioux Community, Sacrifice Oral History
Sandra Geshick “Tahicido” 1862 Family in 1862, Davenport Prison, Aftermath of 1862 Davenport Prison, Family Oral History
LaVonne Swenson That’s how they would hide. 1862 Family in 1862, Aftermath of 1862 Bounty Oral History
Orlin Mack He told them that there was trouble coming 1862 Family in 1862 Dakota/Settler Relations Oral History
Sylvan Schumacher Everyone else left the area 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862 Leavenworth, Wounded Knee Oral History
Sylvan Schumacher He couldn’t let the dog bark, so he had to drown his dog 1862 Family in 1862 Slough, Leavenworth Oral History
Dallas Ross Even in my family there were differences. 1862 Family in 1862, Factions, Camp Release Dakota Factions, Red Iron (Ma-za-sa) Oral History
Carrie Schommer Mazamani (Iron Walker) 1862 Family in 1862, Marches Fort Ridgely, Fort Snelling, Tiospaye Oral History
Terry Sveine “We were told that would be better than capture.” 1862 Family in 1862 Oral History
Lorraine Wels “Grandma Koehler’s house was burned to the ground..." 1862 Family in 1862, Dakota and Settler Relationships Steamboat, New Ulm, Settlers Oral History
Jerry Weldy Some of the mixed blood people had to look out for themselves 1862 Family in 1862, Fort Ridgely, Factions Fort Ridgely Oral History
Jerry Weldy Joseph and his family had close connections with the Indian community 1862 Family in 1862, Dakota and Settler Relationships Treaty Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence Lorenzo Lawrence (Towanetaton) 1862 Family in 1862, Lorenzo Lawrence (Towanetaton) Dakota Spirituality, Christianity, Military, Warrior Oral History
War Comes to Norwegian Grove 1862 Family in War, Family in 1862, Homesteading, Immigration, Immigration Experience Family, Homesteading, Immigration, Norwegian, Settlers Share Your Story
Melvin Littlecrow Are we doing the right thing? 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Family in 1862, Little Crow Family, Little Crow Oral History
Ed LaBelle They want us to forgive and we do forgive to a certain extent but we don’t forget. 1862 Family in 1862, Aftermath of 1862 Family, Aftermath Oral History
Myron Taylor These people, those people, our relatives, were fighting for the same thing. 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862, Ways of Commemorating Discrimination, Education, School, Land, History, Christianity, Family, Mankato Hanging Oral History
William Beane I found the birch trees and I knew that was home Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Family in 1862, Language, Perspectives on 1862, Ways of Commemorating Family, Language, Commemoration, Traders, Military, Fort Snelling Oral History
The Heuer Family In Milford 1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Settlers in War, Family in 1862, Immigration Milford Share Your Story
The Cla(u)sen Story 1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Family in 1862 Birch Coulee, Milford, Settlers Share Your Story
But they're our friends 1862 Family in War, Settlers in War, Family in 1862 New Ulm Share Your Story

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