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Judith Anywaush They tried to keep me in school. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Poverty, Dakota Language Education, Poverty, Projects, Language, School Oral History
Michael Childs My mother knew we had to survive in the greater society Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Boarding Schools, Dakota Culture and Values Education, Engineering, Language, Survival, Hunting, Assimilation, Lena Campbell Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku I think we've outgrown those structures of colonial dominance over Native American people. 1862 Fort Ridgely, Fort Snelling, Reconciliation, Education for Understanding Fort Ridgely, Concessions, Reconciliation, Colonization, Education Oral History
John LaBatte Take the politics out of it and deal with it from a historical aspect 1862 Understanding, Education, Forced Marches, Fort Snelling Education, Genocide, Marches, Anger, Fort Snelling Oral History
LaVonne Swenson We’re no different. It’s just that we probably had to suffer a whole lot more. Education Education for Understanding Suffer, Education Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence Common ground Life Today Inter-cultural Relationships Education, Religion Oral History
Pamela Halverson We commemorate them every day. 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Mankato Hangings, Education for Understanding Honor, History, Education, Commemoration Oral History
We had to work to do it Growing Up Growing Up, Family, Education Oral History, Education, History, Survival Oral History
Melvin Littlecrow No, not in school, we weren’t taught history or culture. Growing Up Growing Up Dakota Oral History, Education Oral History
Myron Taylor I still remember some of them Growing Up Growing Up Dakota Education, Family, Medicine, Military, Language, Christianity Oral History
Myron Taylor These people, those people, our relatives, were fighting for the same thing. 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862, Ways of Commemorating Discrimination, Education, School, Land, History, Christianity, Family, Mankato Hanging Oral History

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