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Dean Blue I didn’t really care to even be seen there. 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku That Fort is a sham. It's a Fort whose history is shameful. 1862 Fort Snelling, Spirits Fort Snelling, Spirits, Relatives Oral History
Barbara Anderson The main goal was to rob us of our spirit 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling, Resilience Fort Snelling, Humor Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku When you go to war, some people disappear 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Oral History, Family in 1862, Fort Snelling, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Dakota Social Structure Injustice, Wakute (Wacouta), Canku, Diaspora, Lake Traverse, Orphans, Relatives, Montana, Canada, Fort Totten, Roles, Warriors, Fugitive Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku I think we've outgrown those structures of colonial dominance over Native American people. 1862 Fort Ridgely, Fort Snelling, Reconciliation, Education for Understanding Fort Ridgely, Concessions, Reconciliation, Colonization, Education Oral History
Judith Anywaush “If you just give me a hand up, I know that I can make it.” 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling, Family in 1862, Crow Creek, Punitive Expeditions, Abraham Lincoln, Mankato Hangings Fort Snelling, Expendable, Wechankpeotowe (Many Stars Woman), Crow Creek, Soup, Bishop Whipple, Steamboat, Military, Soldiers, Survival Oral History
John LaBatte Take the politics out of it and deal with it from a historical aspect 1862 Understanding, Education, Forced Marches, Fort Snelling Education, Genocide, Marches, Anger, Fort Snelling Oral History
George Glotzbach There are people who will say those people were taken there for safety 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Preservation Oral History
Walter LaBatte Sometimes getting rid of things doesn’t have the effect that you want 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling Oral History
Dallas Ross Unless you have something better to offer, then you cannot judge people 1862 Fort Snelling Desecration Oral History
Carrie Schommer When you go there you feel all of the things that have happened there 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Commemoration Oral History
Dallas Ross “We did this in a manner that was good. Why is this happening to us?" Shared History Treaties, Spirituality, Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Savage Oral History
Dallas Ross The gate opened just to show the people that the land was still there. 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Spirituality Oral History
Raymond Owen They had a bent sense of purpose 1862 Fort Snelling, Ways of Commemorating, Genocide Fort Snelling Oral History
Byron White Humanity sometimes is cruel. 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence It would serve as a memorial to the people that were there 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling, Mankato Hangings Fort Snelling, Hangings Oral History

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