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Dr. Clifford Canku Hopefully it would not happen to other people. 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Spirituality, Mankato Hangings Men, Superman, Mankato, Hangings Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku Our roots are still very much deeply embedded in our Dakota way of life. Life Today Dakota Life Today, Lower Sioux Agency, Spirituality, Dakota Identity, Dakota Culture and Values Spirituality, Identity, Roots, Anglo Oral History
John LaBatte The notion is that if you're Christian you can't be an Indian Life Today Spirituality Christianity Oral History
Sandra Geshick Who wouldn’t defend what was theirs? 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Dakota Culture and Values, Spirituality Untruth, Defending, Prayer Oral History
Dallas Ross A lifetime of learning for a minute of understanding. 1862 Fort Ridgely, Spirituality Spirit Oral History
Dallas Ross You can’t be around old Dakotas without learning about the spirituality of things. Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota Culture and Values, Spirituality, Storytelling, Christianity Culture, Values, Storytelling, Dakota Spirituality, Christianity Oral History
Ruby Minkel It’s hard to explain the feeling Life Today Dakota Life Today, Spirituality Spirituality Oral History
Joan Pendleton They would never talk in front of us kids in our Dakota language Growing Up Growing Up, Language, Spirituality Hoop Dance, Christianity, Dakota Language, School Oral History
Dallas Ross “We did this in a manner that was good. Why is this happening to us?" Shared History Treaties, Spirituality, Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Savage Oral History
Raymond Owen In order to go forward, we had to go back to our old ways Life Today Spirituality, Dakota Life Today, Inter-Tribal Relationships Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA, Ojibwe (Anishinaabe, Chippewa), Christianity Oral History
Lillian Wilson They wanted to come home 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Commemorative March, Spirituality Birch Coulee Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence If I don’t break down some barriers, if I don’t tread some new paths... Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education, Spirituality, Military, Dakota Language History, Prejudice, School, Military, Christianity, Ancestors, Language Oral History
Pamela Halverson You can feel the coldness in there 1862 Lower Sioux Agency, U.S. Government, Spirituality Lower Sioux Community, Annuity Oral History
David Pashe I hadn't realized I was an Indian Growing Up Growing Up, Family, Dakota History, Dakota Language and Culture, Spirituality, Christianity Family, History, Spirituality, Christianity Oral History
Leslie Smoke Sacrifice Life Today Spirituality, Christianity, Dakota Culture and Values Christianity Oral History

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