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Dr. Clifford Canku Hopefully it would not happen to other people. 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Spirituality, Mankato Hangings Men, Superman, Mankato, Hangings Oral History
John LaBatte Two of my grandfathers were sentenced to hang at Mankato 1862 Family in 1862, Aftermath of 1862 Christianity, Davenport Prison, Faribault, Henry Whipple, Mankato Oral History
Frederick Juni I think it's a blemish on our local history 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Mankato Hangings, Abraham Lincoln Mankato, Hangings, Lincoln Oral History
Sandra Geshick They sacrificed so we can have what we have today 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862, Mankato Hangings, Davenport Prison, Crow Creek Mankato, Davenport, Crow Creek, Flandreau, Bloomington, Lower Sioux Community, Sacrifice Oral History
John LaBatte Do you think they would have stopped to have trials? 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Mankato Hangings, Abraham Lincoln, Forced Marches Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Mankato, Hangings, Lincoln, March Oral History
LaVonne Swenson That was their last song 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Mankato Hangings Mankato, Hangings Oral History
Terry Sveine I thought: this deserves way more than that 1862 Mankato Mankato, Reconciliation Oral History
Dallas Ross They are looking there and they don’t really truly understand what happened. 1862 Mankato, Mankato Hangings Land, Mankato Oral History
Beverly Wakeman There was not any marking to show where this was 1862 Mankato Hangings Mankato, Commemoration Oral History

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