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Dr. Clifford Canku When you go to war, some people disappear 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Oral History, Family in 1862, Fort Snelling, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Dakota Social Structure Injustice, Wakute (Wacouta), Canku, Diaspora, Lake Traverse, Orphans, Relatives, Montana, Canada, Fort Totten, Roles, Warriors, Fugitive Oral History
Walter LaBatte “Makte sni , makte sni, damakota do, damakota do.” 1862 Family in 1862, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Camp Release Camp Release, Marches, Treaties, Trials, March Oral History
John LaBatte Do you think they would have stopped to have trials? 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Mankato Hangings, Abraham Lincoln, Forced Marches Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Mankato, Hangings, Lincoln, March Oral History
Marina James Trying to hide from the Americans 1862 Family in War, Aftermath of War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Family, Exile, Diaspora Oral History
“If you don’t keep quiet, we’ll push you off here and leave you here.” 1862 Aftermath of War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Punitive Expeditions Exile, Diaspora Oral History
David Pashe They used to call me a refugee all the time 1862 Aftermath of War, Dakota History, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Family in War, Repatriation Exile, Diaspora, Inkpaduta, Andrew Myrick, Repatriation Oral History
Clayton Maxwell Smoke Isan tanka 1862 Aftermath of War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Punitive Expeditions Exile, Diaspora, Punitive Expeditions Oral History
James Assiniboine The chief sent all the young ladies up to Canada 1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Family, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Oral History

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