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Dean Blue We made a pact, and you’re not paying it. 1862 Treaties, Dakota Land Treaties, Annuity, Acton, Starvation, Land Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku America will never be great unless it does justice to the first Americans on this continent. Shared History Treaties, U.S. Government Treaties, Justice, Property, United Nations Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku At the root of everything, factionalism was created when immigrants came to our way of living 1862 U.S. Government, Factions, Immigration, Dakota Land Indian Removal Act, Factionalism, Treaties, Policies, Reservations, Immigration, Settlers, Encroachment Oral History
John LaBatte Some people call it a clash of cultures. I don't, that's too general Shared History Dakota and Settler Relationships Fur Traders, Missionaries, Treaties Oral History
John LaBatte Where did the Dakota Indian get their land? Shared History Treaties, Dakota Land, Trade Treaties, Trade, Migration Oral History
Michael Childs It was used against us; the generosity was used against us Shared History Treaties, Dakota Land Treaties, Generosity Oral History
Walter LaBatte “Makte sni , makte sni, damakota do, damakota do.” 1862 Family in 1862, Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Camp Release Camp Release, Marches, Treaties, Trials, March Oral History
Raymond Owen Even today, you live in the United States of Dakota Shared History Dakota Land, Treaties Treaties, Pike Treaty Oral History
Byron White Who said once, “Treaties are made to be broken.” Well, I guess they were right Shared History Treaties Treaties Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence “You guys can’t be in here; I own all the air in here” Shared History Dakota Land, Treaties, Immigration, U.S. Government Land, Settlers, Treaties, Encroachment, Dakota and U.S. Gov't Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence "We’re going to drive you all the way to the Rocky Mountains" Shared History Treaties, Dakota Social Structure, U.S. Government, Dakota Land Treaties, Dakota and U.S. Gov't, Land Oral History
Willard Manderfeld I don't think they got a very fair deal Shared History Treaties Treaties, Land Oral History
Ed LaBelle It was the worst thing that could have happened to the Dakotas in Minnesota Shared History Treaties, U.S. Government Treaties, Alexander Ramsey Oral History
Myron Taylor They made a falsehood out of the whole thing Shared History Treaties, U.S. Government Treaties, U.S. Government Oral History
William Beane In the end they got very little money. Shared History Treaties Treaties Oral History

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