Narrator Theme Topics Keywords Type
Michael Childs Some people understood it was a humanitarian gesture, and others felt that we were betraying the tribe 1862 Family in 1862, Factions John Other Day (Anpetu-Tokeka), Humanitarian Oral History
Barbara Anderson Chief Red Iron 1862 Family in 1862, Factions Red Iron (Ma-za-sa), Lac qui Parle, Chief Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku At the root of everything, factionalism was created when immigrants came to our way of living 1862 U.S. Government, Factions, Immigration, Dakota Land Indian Removal Act, Factionalism, Treaties, Policies, Reservations, Immigration, Settlers, Encroachment Oral History
Frederick Juni It was a clash of two cultures. It had to be. 1862 Dakota and Settler Relationships, Factions, Causes of War Cause, Factions, Neighbors, Compassion Oral History
John LaBatte That whole process is very complicated 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Factions, Missionaries, Christianity, Fur Trade, Dakota and Settler Relationships Myrick, LaBatte, Intermarriage, Kinship, Starvation, Lac qui Parle, Acton, Conversion, Big Eagle (Waŋbdí Tháŋka) Oral History
Dallas Ross Even in my family there were differences. 1862 Family in 1862, Factions, Camp Release Dakota Factions, Red Iron (Ma-za-sa) Oral History
Jerry Weldy Some of the mixed blood people had to look out for themselves 1862 Family in 1862, Fort Ridgely, Factions Fort Ridgely Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence Two ways of life were clashing 1862 Causes of War, Factions Dakota Factions, Warrior, Christianity Oral History

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