Narrator Theme Topics Keywords Type
Sandra Geshick “Tahicido” 1862 Family in 1862, Davenport Prison, Aftermath of 1862 Davenport Prison, Family Oral History
David Pashe I hadn't realized I was an Indian Growing Up Growing Up, Family, Dakota History, Dakota Language and Culture, Spirituality, Christianity Family, History, Spirituality, Christianity Oral History
Marina James Trying to hide from the Americans 1862 Family in War, Aftermath of War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Family, Exile, Diaspora Oral History
Trudy Pashe Pazoiyopa 1862 Family in War, Ways of Commemorating Family, Pazoiyopa (Runs Against Something When Crawling) Oral History
Carol Merrick I would wish that we could all live together in a good way Hopes for the Future Dakota Hopes for the Future Family Oral History
Trudy Pashe I hope it happens in my children's lifetime Hopes for the Future Dakota Hopes for the Future Peace, Family Oral History
Are we doing the right thing? 1862 Family in War, Aftermath of War, Little Crow, Dakota History Family, Little Crow, Horses Oral History
James Assiniboine The chief sent all the young ladies up to Canada 1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Family, Dakota Exile/Diaspora Oral History
Willard Manderfeld Close to a hundred miles 1862 Causes of War, Family in War, Aftermath of War, Treaties, Perspectives on War Family, Fort Ridgely Oral History
A Johnson Called Thong 1862 Family in War Family, Acton, Aftermath, Immigration, Settlers Share Your Story
Holl Family Account of the US-Dakota Indian War 1862 Immigration Experience Family, Dakota/Settler Relations, Milford Share Your Story
War Comes to Norwegian Grove 1862 Family in War, Family in 1862, Homesteading, Immigration, Immigration Experience Family, Homesteading, Immigration, Norwegian, Settlers Share Your Story
Joseph Coursolle's Testimony 1862 Family in War Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Family, Oral History, Camp Release Share Your Story
Settlers from Ireland-The Mulcare Family 1862 Family in War Family, Dakota/Settler Relations Share Your Story
Melvin Littlecrow Are we doing the right thing? 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Family in 1862, Little Crow Family, Little Crow Oral History
Present affected by uprising 1862 Family in War Family, Consequences, Drinking, Fear Share Your Story
Ed LaBelle They want us to forgive and we do forgive to a certain extent but we don’t forget. 1862 Family in 1862, Aftermath of 1862 Family, Aftermath Oral History
Myron Taylor I still remember some of them Growing Up Growing Up Dakota Education, Family, Medicine, Military, Language, Christianity Oral History
Myron Taylor These people, those people, our relatives, were fighting for the same thing. 1862 Perspectives on 1862, Aftermath of 1862, Family in 1862, Ways of Commemorating Discrimination, Education, School, Land, History, Christianity, Family, Mankato Hanging Oral History
William Beane I found the birch trees and I knew that was home Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Family in 1862, Language, Perspectives on 1862, Ways of Commemorating Family, Language, Commemoration, Traders, Military, Fort Snelling Oral History
Patrick Kelly - Indian Interpreter 1862 Family in War Andrew Myrick, Family Share Your Story
Clement Cardinal and Marguerita Perreault Family in War Family Share Your Story
The Death of Frederika Fitt Witt - August 18, 1862 Settlers in War Family Share Your Story

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