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Dr. Clifford Canku Biggest thing that happened to us was the Second World War. Growing Up Growing Up, Military Military, WWII Oral History
Judith Anywaush “If you just give me a hand up, I know that I can make it.” 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Fort Snelling, Family in 1862, Crow Creek, Punitive Expeditions, Abraham Lincoln, Mankato Hangings Fort Snelling, Expendable, Wechankpeotowe (Many Stars Woman), Crow Creek, Soup, Bishop Whipple, Steamboat, Military, Soldiers, Survival Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence If I don’t break down some barriers, if I don’t tread some new paths... Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education, Spirituality, Military, Dakota Language History, Prejudice, School, Military, Christianity, Ancestors, Language Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence Who you are is something nobody can take away from you Life Today Dakota Life Today, Dakota Identity Warrior, Military, Honor Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence Lorenzo Lawrence (Towanetaton) 1862 Family in 1862, Lorenzo Lawrence (Towanetaton) Dakota Spirituality, Christianity, Military, Warrior Oral History
Myron Taylor I still remember some of them Growing Up Growing Up Dakota Education, Family, Medicine, Military, Language, Christianity Oral History
William Beane I found the birch trees and I knew that was home Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Family in 1862, Language, Perspectives on 1862, Ways of Commemorating Family, Language, Commemoration, Traders, Military, Fort Snelling Oral History

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