Narrator Theme Topics Keywords Type
Barbara Anderson I want to be an example of what they had to endure. Growing Up Growing Up, Boarding Schools, Relatives Consequences, Perceptions, Relatives Oral History
Judith Anywaush They tried to keep me in school. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Poverty, Dakota Language Education, Poverty, Projects, Language, School Oral History
Dr. Clifford Canku Biggest thing that happened to us was the Second World War. Growing Up Growing Up, Military Military, WWII Oral History
Michael Childs My mother knew we had to survive in the greater society Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Boarding Schools, Dakota Culture and Values Education, Engineering, Language, Survival, Hunting, Assimilation, Lena Campbell Oral History
Walter LaBatte “God was talking to us. God was talking to us.” Growing Up Growing Up Spirituality Oral History
Evelyn Eischen “Now, come on! You can do it" Growing Up Growing Up, Language German, Language Oral History
Donna Korstad The things that we did have, we appreciated them Growing Up Growing Up, Play, Holidays Play, Holidays, Money Oral History
Sandra Geshick Fortitude Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota Culture and Values Men, Women, Fortitude Oral History
LaVonne Swenson We always talk about our teacher and memories of the school and the games we played. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Dakota in White Systems School Oral History
LaVonne Swenson They were punished for speaking it and they didn’t want us to be punished. Growing Up Dakota Language Oral History
Dallas Ross You can’t be around old Dakotas without learning about the spirituality of things. Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota Culture and Values, Spirituality, Storytelling, Christianity Culture, Values, Storytelling, Dakota Spirituality, Christianity Oral History
Ruby Minkel The only holiday we really celebrated was Christmas Growing Up Growing Up Holidays Oral History
Carrie Schommer I can still picture that area where my two aunties were dropped off at the road Growing Up Growing Up, Identity, Racism Storytelling Oral History
Joan Pendleton They would never talk in front of us kids in our Dakota language Growing Up Growing Up, Language, Spirituality Hoop Dance, Christianity, Dakota Language, School Oral History
Joan Pendleton We just didn’t like it there Growing Up Education, Boarding Schools, Jobs Flandreau, Boarding School, School Oral History
Byron White The lessons that they told almost made you ashamed to be Indian Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education School, Savage, History Oral History
Lillian Wilson It was like two different worlds, going to school, then coming back and being with all our little friends. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Dakota in White Systems, Ceremonies, Spirits School Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence If I don’t break down some barriers, if I don’t tread some new paths... Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education, Spirituality, Military, Dakota Language History, Prejudice, School, Military, Christianity, Ancestors, Language Oral History
Pamela Halverson Those grandmas, they were real no-nonsense. Growing Up Growing Up, Boarding School, Education, Dakota Culture and Values, Discrimination Boarding School, School Oral History

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