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Dean Blue “If you want to speak to me, speak to me in my language, or your language.” Education Growing Up, Dakota Language, Dakota in White Systems, School Subjects, Military, Travel English Language, Dakota Language Oral History
LaVonne Swenson We always talk about our teacher and memories of the school and the games we played. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Dakota in White Systems School Oral History
Carrie Schommer There were about five of us that started school in Granite Falls with not a word of English Education Dakota in White Systems Kindergarten, School Oral History
Dallas Ross They don’t see colors in people; they just see people in people Education Dakota in White Systems, Education, Racism Discrimination, School Oral History
Byron White The lessons that they told almost made you ashamed to be Indian Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education School, Savage, History Oral History
Lillian Wilson It was like two different worlds, going to school, then coming back and being with all our little friends. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Dakota in White Systems, Ceremonies, Spirits School Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence If I don’t break down some barriers, if I don’t tread some new paths... Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education, Spirituality, Military, Dakota Language History, Prejudice, School, Military, Christianity, Ancestors, Language Oral History
Albert Taylor That's how much damage they did to me. Shared History Current Events, Dakota in White Systems, Growing Up Dakota, Boarding School Boarding School Oral History

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