Narrator Theme Topics Keywords Type
Judith Anywaush They tried to keep me in school. Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Poverty, Dakota Language Education, Poverty, Projects, Language, School Oral History
Michael Childs My mother knew we had to survive in the greater society Growing Up Growing Up, Education, Boarding Schools, Dakota Culture and Values Education, Engineering, Language, Survival, Hunting, Assimilation, Lena Campbell Oral History
Evelyn Eischen “Now, come on! You can do it" Growing Up Growing Up, Language German, Language Oral History
Orlin Mack That Norwegian suggested that they look at the New Ulm site for starting a town Immigration Immigration Experience German Land Association, Norwegian, Language Oral History
Dr. Elden Lawrence If I don’t break down some barriers, if I don’t tread some new paths... Growing Up Growing Up, Dakota in White Systems, Education, Spirituality, Military, Dakota Language History, Prejudice, School, Military, Christianity, Ancestors, Language Oral History
Albert Taylor You gotta gargle and then you gotta drink that to clean Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Boarding Schools, Language Boarding School, Language Oral History
Elsie Noel We had signs on every door that said "Speak English" Growing Up Growing Up, Family, Boarding School, Dakota Culture and Values School, Mounties, Language, Medicine Oral History
Willard Manderfeld They had to teach us English first Growing Up Growing Up, Settler Life, Language, German German, Language Oral History
Ed LaBelle The child believed, "who died?" Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Dakota Culture and Values, Dakota Language, Boarding School, Christianity, Jobs Language, School, Spirituality, Christianity Oral History
Myron Taylor I still remember some of them Growing Up Growing Up Dakota Education, Family, Medicine, Military, Language, Christianity Oral History
William Beane I found the birch trees and I knew that was home Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Family in 1862, Language, Perspectives on 1862, Ways of Commemorating Family, Language, Commemoration, Traders, Military, Fort Snelling Oral History

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