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Robert Beussman We still have people that allow others to tell them what to think. 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Creating Awareness, Media Commemoration, Media Oral History
George Glotzbach We were all glad it was over 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Inter-cultural Relationships Commemoration, Celebration Oral History
Frederick Juni I don't think that silence does much 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Brown County Commemoration, Anniversary, Celebration, Animosity Oral History
Carrie Schommer When you go there you feel all of the things that have happened there 1862 Fort Snelling Fort Snelling, Commemoration Oral History
Pamela Halverson We commemorate them every day. 1862 Ways of Commemorating, Mankato Hangings, Education for Understanding Honor, History, Education, Commemoration Oral History
Melvin Longclaws It’s their story and sooner or later, we’re going to be included Hopes for the Future Dakota Hopes for the Future, Dakota Contributions to North America U.S Government, Commemoration Oral History
Beverly Wakeman There was not any marking to show where this was 1862 Mankato Hangings Mankato, Commemoration Oral History
William Beane I found the birch trees and I knew that was home Growing Up Growing Up Dakota, Family in 1862, Language, Perspectives on 1862, Ways of Commemorating Family, Language, Commemoration, Traders, Military, Fort Snelling Oral History
Water In The Rain featuring Amos Owen 1862 Aftermath of 1862, Mankato Hangings Mankato Hanging, Aftermath, Commemoration Share Your Story

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