Water In The Rain featuring Amos Owen

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About Water In The Rain

2012 is the 150th year anniversary of the largest mass hanging in United States history.    I was asked to write Water In The Rain by Dakota elders, Amos & Ione Owen.  
The following words of introduction to Water In The Rain were written by Ron Miles:  
Placing the Santee Dakota Nation on reservations for the first time in 1851 was an act of cultural genocide.  A mere decade thereafter, deprived of the freedom of the hunt, this ancient people stared starvation in its grim face.  In August of 1862, there began a final defense of the Dakota Oyate – the long road to Wounded Knee.  When the Wars of August were quelled, 303 Dakota were marked for the gallows.  President Lincoln, in commuting the sentences of all but 38, paved the way for the largest mass execution in United States history.

Within the song, beneath the lyrics sung,  Amos Owen (Wiyohpeyata Hoksina), gives the following prayer in Dakota:
Ho! Tunkansidan Wakantanka Ake anpetu kin de ho uwayedo.  Odowan kagapikin hena owicakiyayo.
Tunkansidan wiyohpeyata ki ya ho yewayedo. Sunkawakan oyate qa Wakinyan Oyate Kin ounkiyapo.
Qa nakun waziyata ki ya ho yewayedo.  Hehaka Oyate kin ounsiundapo.
Wiyohiyanpantan ekta ki ya. Ho yewayedo.  Tatanka Oyate kin hena unicidapido.
Itokagata kiya nakun ho yewayedo.  Wanage Oyate kin ounsiundapo.
Mahpiyatakiya ho yewayedo.  Wakantanka onsiunda miye qa ounkiyapo
Qa Ina unyaupi nakun ektakiya.  Ho yewaye ousiundapo qa ounkiyapo.  Ho hecetudo.
Mitakuye Oyasin.    -  Wiyohpeyata Hoksina

(English Translation)
Grandfather, I come to you this day in my humble way to offer my prayers for the thirty-eight Dakota who perished in Mankato in the year of 1862.
To the West, I pray to the Horse Nation, and to the North, I pray to the Elk People.
To the East, I pray to the Buffalo Nation, and to the South, the Spirit People.
To the Heavens, I pray to the Great Spirit and to the Spotted Eagle.
And Below, I pray to Mother Earth to help us in this time of reconciliation.
Grandfather, I offer these prayers in my humble way.
To all my relations.    – Amos Owen

Water In The Rain
(For the Thirty-eight and the Santee Nation)
By Larry Long
Think about
Those who have died,
In the city of Makahto,
Back in the year of 1862
During the Civil War,
Lincoln decreed the Blacks would be freed
But they hung thirty-eight Dakota
In the city of Makahto,
And I listen to the rippling wind
Blow across the island,
I listen to the elders speak
Of the young ones a-dying.
Shall we die like the buffalo
We ask of you, Grandfather?
Shall we run like Water in the Rain
In the Land of Many Waters?
Water in the Rain!
Wabasha, Shakopee, Little Crow, Big Eagle,
Blanket pulled over their eyes
Beneath the churchyard steeple.
Twenty million acres of land
Sold for three million,
Worthless as a rope of sand
Dangling from the ceiling.
In the year of ’51, placed on a reservation.
By the winter of ’61, dying of starvation.
“Protect the innocent. Punish the guilty.”
Little Crow, he declared,
“What good is this treaty?
Once a year the government
Gives the trader our money.”
Standing outside his door,
“Eat grass if you’re hungry!”
Down upon the traders lodge
Death came without warning.
Bullets he could not dodge.
He ate grass that very morning.
Fifty years of robbery,
Fifty years of intimidation,
Fifty years of brigery
Brought a war between nations.

Shall we die like the buffalo
We ask of you, Grandfather?
Shall we run like Water in the Rain
In the Land of Many Waters?
Water in the Rain!

Christmas night, voices singing,
Christmas night, behind the wall,
Christmas night, death song ringing,
“Father, please don’t let them fall.”
I can see the soldiers marching.
I can see them led outside.
With oone pull of the lever
Thirty-eight Dakota died!
Tipi Hdonica                                                            One Who Forbids His House
Ptan Duta                                                                 Red Otter
HInhansa Koyagmani                                               His People
Maz Bodu                                                                 One Who Walks Clothed In An Owl’s Tail
Wahpe Duta                                                              Iron Blower
Sdodye Sni                                                               Red Leaf
Had Ya Mani                                                            Meaning Unknown
Tate Hmi Yanyan                                                     Tinkling Walker
Hdaya Injanka                                                          Round Wind
Dowan Sa                                                                 Rattling Runner
Hepan                                                                      The Singer
Sunka Ska                                                                Second Child (If A Son)
Tunka Siku Icahda Mani                                           White Dog
Ite Duta                                                                    One Who Walks By His Grandfather
Kabdeca                                                                    Red Face
Hepi                                                                          Broken To Pieces
Mahpiya Akan Najin                                                  Third Child (If A Son)
Hanke Dakota                                                           A Half Breed
Caske                                                                        The First Born (If A Son)
Hanke Dakota                                                           A Half Breed
Tate Ka Ga                                                                Wind Maker
He Inkpa                                                                   The Tip Of The Horn
Hanke Dakota                                                           A Half Breed
Nape Sni                                                                   One Who Does Not Flinch
WakanTanka                                                             Great Spirit
Tunkasitku Ikiyena najin                                          One Who Stands Close To His Grandfather
Maka Akan Najin                                                      One Who Stands On The Earth
Wakute Wiyaya Mani                                                 One Who Walks Prepared To Shoot
Aicaga                                                                      To Grow Upon
Hotaninku                                                                Voice That Appears Coming
Cetan Hunku                                                            The Parent Hawk
Cankahda                                                                 Near The Wood
Had Hiu Dan                                                            To Make A Rattling Noise Suddenly
Oyate Aku                                                                The Coming People
Howema-u                                                               He Comes For Me
Wakinyan Cistina                                                      Little Thunder
Tate Hdihoni                                                            Wind Comes Home

In the Land of Memory
Seldom would we travel
By day down the streets
Of Makahto.
One hundred years of bitterness.
A commemoration
For the Thirty-eight,
For the Santee Nation
Scarlet beneath blue,
Tears came falling.
Thirty-eight Eagles flew.
Thirty-eight Eagles are calling.
Shall we die like the buffalo
We ask of you, Grandfather?
Shall we run like Water in the Rain
In the Land of Many Waters?
Water in the Rain!
Water in the Rain!
Water in the Rain!
Water in the Rain!
Larry Long – vocals, 12-string guitar
Amos Owen – Dakota recitation, prayer
Raymond Owen – hand drum on memorial song, Dakota Oyate
Mitch Walking Elk – drum, singer, Dakota Oyate
Sherry Blakey Banai – singer, Dakota Oyate
Claudia Schmidt – harmony vocals
Peter Ostroushko – violin
Billy Peterson – acoustic bass
Steve Faison – beanpod, congas
Ron Miles – rainstick
Produced by Larry Long & Billy Peterson
Recording Engineer:  Chopper Black
Recorded at Creation Studio
Copyright Larry Long Publishing 1987 / BMI

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_wMqm-hKU www.communitycelebration.org www.larrylong.org

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