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As we look back at the U.S.-Dakota War, we want to hear your personal story. How did this war, its causes and the aftermath affect your family? What are your reflections on the war today?

Are you the descendant of someone whose life was forever changed through their experiences leading up to, during or after the U.S.-Dakota War? What stories did your family pass down? How does your family’s experience affect you today? What does the impact of this war mean for the legacy of Minnesotans?

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your story so that others may learn more about this war that forever shaped our history.

Title Theme Topics Keywords
Clement Cardinal and Marguerita Perreault
R. Cardinal
Family in War Family
A Johnson Called Thong
P. Johnson-Harrington
1862 Family in War Family, Acton, Aftermath, Immigration, Settlers
A Sad Day in Section 29, Tyrone Township, Le Sueur County
G. Luskey
1862 Family in War, Settlers in War, Military New Ulm
Accounts of the Urban Family from the Sacred Heart Settlement
M. Pogue
Family in War, Settlers in War
Andrew Webster
N. Downey
Family in War, Settlers in War
Anna Mary Rieke Story, a Defender of Fort Ridgely
D. Busch
Family in War, Settlers in War, Fort Ridgely
Anna Schmitz Thul Story
T. Sveine
Settlers in War, New Ulm
Blood Relatives on both sides - Another Ingalls
R. Sjolseth
Family in War
Brobergs & Lundborgs: Swedish Immigrants Killed in Kandiyohi and Swift Counties
Family in War
But they're our friends
1862 Family in War, Settlers in War, Family in 1862 New Ulm
Chief Other Day Saves the Woodward Family
W. Woodward Swaim
Chief Other Day's Knife Photo
W. Woodward Swaim
Death of Innocence, A Nine Year Girl in the Dakota War
M. Boisen
Family in War
George E, H. Day
L. Keith
Great Grandpa hidden in cornfield
M. Lamb
Settlers in War
Holl Family Account of the US-Dakota Indian War
R. Johnson
1862 Immigration Experience Family, Dakota/Settler Relations, Milford
How The Events Touched a Pioneer Family
G. Sinell
1862 Aftermath of War, Survival Camp Release
1862 Perspectives on War
Johnny we hardly knew you
C. Gfrerer
1862 Family in War Healing
Joseph Coursolle's Testimony
1862 Family in War Dakota Exile/Diaspora, Family, Oral History, Camp Release
Letter from George Rieke, Fort Ridgely, October, 1862
D. Busch
Family in War
Mary Muehlbauer Witt
N. Downey
Family in War
Patrick Kelly - Indian Interpreter
G. Wik
1862 Family in War Andrew Myrick, Family
Present affected by uprising
S. Nugent
1862 Family in War Family, Consequences, Drinking, Fear
Redwood Ferry owner Oliver Martell in his own words
D. Dawson
Settlers in War
Rev. August Nierens and Rev. Christian Lewis Seder
R. Jacobsen
Settlers in War
Settlers from Ireland-The Mulcare Family
J. Shields
1862 Family in War Family, Dakota/Settler Relations
L. Hargrave
Settlers in War, New Ulm
The Alois Palmer Story
L. Hoganson
Family in War
The Carl C. Nelson Family from New Sweden, Nicollet County, MN
G. Farwell
Settlers in War Settlers
The Cla(u)sen Story
J. Klein
1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Family in 1862 Birch Coulee, Milford, Settlers
The Death of Frederika Fitt Witt - August 18, 1862
M. Erickson
Settlers in War Family
The Heuer Family In Milford
J. Klein
1862 Aftermath of War, Family in War, Settlers in War, Family in 1862, Immigration Milford
The Palmer-Pelzl Story
H. Hoganson
Family in War
R. Reyff
Family in War
The Story of the Bahlke, Frohip Family
K. Brown
Family in War
The Wilhelmina Ienenfeldt Story
C. Shubert
Family in War
War Comes to Norwegian Grove
G. Estensen
1862 Family in War, Family in 1862, Homesteading, Immigration, Immigration Experience Family, Homesteading, Immigration, Norwegian, Settlers
Water In The Rain featuring Amos Owen
L. Long
1862 Aftermath of 1862, Mankato Hangings Mankato Hanging, Aftermath, Commemoration

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