Chief Other Day Saves the Woodward Family

Share your story submitted by: W. Woodward Swaim | Eden Prairie, MN

Prior to 1862 my Great, Great Grandfather Frederick Woodward homesteaded in Granite Falls, MN with his wife from New England, and was living adjacent to the Upper Sioux Agency. Frederick was a close friend of the Olds family. During the war Chief Other Day saved him and his wife by taking them out of the area until things calmed down. Part of the land that Frederick farmed was originally owned by Other Day. The story goes that Other Day gave Frederick a knife and I still have it in our family collection to this date. Very old stone hammers were also found yeas later on the same Other Day land. I will try to forward a photo of the knife at a later time. I hope this is interesting to those historians that follow this event. William Woodwad Swaim, Edern Prairie, MN

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