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I did some work on a new home last year. The people were still living in the old house.
The mother of the family was home everyday, she had known many of my family members so I stopped in to talk to her one day.
She is 90 years old; I asked her how old the house was living in was; She told me her dad built it.
I said jokingly , did he have to fight off indians; She said no but one day while they were working on the house a group of indians stopped in
and asked if they could have something to eat; Here father said no we do not have any extra food, but he gave them some tobacco.
Now this house was about halfway between Fairmont ,Minnesota and Armstrong, Iowa; Two miles East of Iowa Lake on The border of Minnesota, Iowa.
This is significant because you would think the indians would follow the chain of lakes north to south that goes many miles.
She said there was a fort at Iowa Lake and they were avoiding the fort.
They next day these same indians went to Arnolds Park, Iowa. They went to a cabin there and evidently they did not get anything from the settlers because they massacred them; There is a cabin in Arnolds Park to commemorate this event.
So if this womens father had not have tobbaco to give the indians this woman may not have been born.

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