The Heuer Family In Milford

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Carl Gustav and Johanna Wolf Heuer
Carl Heinrich Gustav Heuer and Johanna Julianna Wolf were married in Blankenhagen Parish, Mecklenburg-Schwerin on November 23, 1827.  They had 4 children, Johan Carl Heinrich,  Caroline Maria Sophia, Johan Joachim Christopher and Joachim Heinrich Johan, all born in Willershagen.  Caroline died before she turned two.  The family immigrated to America from Willershagen, Germany about 1857 as they were then homesteading in Milford Township.  In 1860, the census showed Carl, age 63, Hanna, age 50, Carl, age 30, John, age 23, and Joachim, age 18 residing in Milford. 
On August 18, 1862, in Miford Township, Brown County, the family of Carl and Hannah Heuer, their 3 sons, Johan Carl, Johan Joachim and Joachim Heinrich were killed.  (Hannah was the sister of Caroline Clasen, my great-great grandmother who lost her husband Charles and son Frederick at Birch Coulee.
 (Carl Heuer is the half brother of Charles Clasen who died in the outbreak at Birch Coulie). 
The family lived next door to my great-great grandparents, Henry and Caroline Clasen, in Milford in 1860.
The family is memorialized on the Milford Monument located 8 miles west of New Ulm:
Henry Heyers, Dorothea Heyers, Carl Heyers, John Heyers and Joachim Heyers
Also, on the Pioneer Monument, in front of the Brown County Courthouse in New Ulm:
Heuyers, Carl, Heuyers WIFE Hannah, Heuyers, SON John, and Heuyers, SON, Carl, Jr.
St. Paul Daily Press, Aug. 29, 1862, p. 1:

Thursday, Aug. 21:  Expedition sent out.  Found and buried four bodies--man, wife and two sons, named Haer.  They were Protestant Germans.  In their bed was found about $160.00.
There is no doubt this is the same family.  We do not know where they were buried but apparently at the place they fell. 
(There are also discrepancies in the spelling of the Heuer name.  Heuer is the family name in Willershagen, Blankenhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.  The name is Heyers on one monument and Heuyers on the other.  Satterlee uses Heuyers and Bryant, Heyers. There is also a difference in the number of their children.  The Milford Monument lists 3 and the Pioneer Monument, two.  There were 3 children according to birth records in Germany and census records in Minnesota.  I’ve read it was not unusual for this to happen. Also Carl’s given name on his birth record is Carl Heinrich Gustav Heuer.  He was called Henry on the Milford Monument, Carl on the Pioneer Monument and Charles and Carl on land and probate records. His wife, Hannah was called Johanna on her birth record, Hanna on census and Dorothea on the Milford  Monument.) 
As there were no surviving members of the Heuer family in America, Carl’s probate was settled with John Clasen (son of deceased Charles and brother to deceased Frederick) and minors, Ellen and Mary Clasen (daughters of deceased Frederick and his wife Martha McConnell Clasen) being named as heirs.  They received the monies due from the depredation claim for damages from the outbreak and the homestead in Milford Township.  That farm was eventually sold to my great-grandfather, Carl Clasen, and it was there my grandfather, Henry Clasen was born. 

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