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Logging in Minnesota Men in park Rapids, Minnesota with large load of logs on sled pulled by a team of four horses, 1895. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.  Many of Minnesota's newcomers had worked in lumbering out... Image
Land for Sale An 1872 poster advertising U.S. land for sale by the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co.   Document
American Progress This chromolithograph by George A. Crofutt after the1872 painting of the same title by John Gast captured a view held by Americans in the mid 19th century:"Manifest Destiny". This was a belief that... Image
Homesteading Family A family in front of the wagon in which they live and travel on their way to forging a homestead, 1886. Courtesy of the National Archives. Image
Homestead Certificate The certificate for the first homestead according to the Homestead Act signed on January 1, 1863. The Homestead Act was passed by Congress in 1862 promising ownership of a 160-acre tract of public... Document
Jefferson to Humboldt Author: President Thomas Jefferson Date: December 6, 1813. In this letter, Jefferson discusses his ideas about the acculturation of American Indians after incidents of violence against U.S. citizens... Document
The Louisiana Purchase (rewrite) Author: Robert Livingston and James Monroe   Robert Livingston and James Monroe closed on the sweetest real estate deal of the millennium when they signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty in Paris on... Document
Washington on Murders Author: George Washington Date: February 10, 1793.   In this letter, President Washington stresses his anger at the murder of Cherokee people by white settlers, who violated good relationships and... Document
Washington on Cherokee Author: President George Washington Date: August 11, 1790 This document, an example of George Washington's letters to Congress, highlights that existing boundaries for white settlement near Cherokee... Document
Jefferson's Secret Message to Congress This letter was written by Thomas Jefferson to members of Congress in 1803, outlining his plan of sending Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on an expedition west of the Mississippi River to lands... Document
Eastman, Pilot Knob A painting done by Seth Eastman in 1866-48. It shows the site of Dakota creation, B'dote, where Fort St. Anthony (ne: Snelling) was later built.  Image
Joseph Heckle Map A view of construction at Fort St. Anthony, now known at Fort Snelling, in 1823. Originally, Zebulon Pike treatied for this location at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers in 1805... Image
Map of the United States The map so constructed shows at a glance the whole extent of the United States territory from sea to sea; and in tracing the probable expansion of the human race from east to west, the mind find an... Image
Bdote A painting of the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. By Seth Eastman, 1846-48 Image
Indian women and children guarding corn from blackbirds. A photograph of a Dakota woman and children guarding corn at the Upper Sioux Agency in Granite Falls, MN, taken the day before the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 began. Taken by Adrien John Ebell, August... Image
Dakota Indian women winnowing wheat, Upper Agency. Photograph of Dakota women winnowing wheat at the Upper Sioux Agency in Granite Falls, MN, the day before the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 began. Taken by Adrian John Ebell, August 1862.  Image
Indian Courtship From: The Iris, edited by John S. Hart, published by Lippincott, Grambo and Company,1852, page 101. Image
1701 Nanfan Treaty A map of the land granted by the Iroquois Confederacy to the British that was designated for use in hunting beaver for the fur trade. This treaty, the Nanfan Treaty of 1701, was made between the... Image
T1SS4.jpg n/a Image
Father Hennepin   Source: State of Minnesota Artist: Artist: Volk, Stephen Arnold Douglas Image
First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World Artist: Dióscoro Teófilo Puebla Tolín. Publisher: Currier and Ives Date: 1862 (published circa 1892)   A painting of Columbus arriving on American shores.  Image
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