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New Ulm, 1860 This is a painting of New Ulm, Minnesota, by Julius Berndt done in 1860. Founded in 1854 by an association of German-Americans called the Chicago Land Society, New Ulm became a haven for German... Image
Jacob Nix Store Jacob Nix's Store, New Ulm, about 1860. Image
George E.H. Day to Abraham Lincoln ...voluminous and outrageous frauds upon the Indians in Minnesota. George E.H. Day, January 1, 1862 A letter written by George E. H. Day on January 1, 1862. Day was a special commissioner sent... Document
Little Crow Little Crow, 1862 Image
T2SS1.jpg n/a Image
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T2SS1d.jpg n/a Image
W_Milfordb.jpg n/a Image
Milford Township Milford Township Located just west of New Ulm in Brown County, Milford Township was populated by mostly German immigrants. It was attacked on August 18, 1862. More than 50 Milford Township residents... Image
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sixWks2.jpg n/a Image
Hazelwood Mission station of Reverend Stephen R. Riggs Hazelwood Mission station of Reverend Stephen R. Riggs, taken in Yellow Medicine, Minnesota in approximately 1860 Image
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St. Anthony, St. Cloud and Hartford Land Office, St. Anthony. When Minnesota was a territory, commissioners were hired by the territorial government to be recruiters for people to come to Minnesota. Many people and organizations took up this cause hoping to... Image
Wowinape Photograph of Wowinape, Little Crow's son, done in 1864. By Joel Emmons Whitney. Image
Jacob Nix n/a Image
Anna Jane Riggs Anna was the 17 year old daughter of the missionary Stephen Riggs. She lived with her parents and siblings at their mission at Hazelwood on the Upper Sioux Reservation. Image
Abraham Lincoln n/a Image
Anpetutokeca (John Other Day) n/a Image
Laura Duley and her son Jefferson n/a Image
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Mankato List List of Dakota names from Marion Satterlee, A Detailed Account of the Massacre by the Dakota Indians of Minnesota in 1862 (1923) Document
Mankato List2 n/a Document