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Medicine Bottle Medicine Bottle at Fort Snelling, 1862-63 Photographer: Joel Emmons Whitney Image
Nathan Lamson In September, 1862, Little Crow and his small band of followers fled to Canada. In June of 1863, short on food, horses, and provisions, Little Crow and a small party of family and close friends... Image
Santee Mission School Students Gardening at Santee Mission School, about 1885. Image
A14SS1b.jpg n/a Image
A14SS1c.jpg n/a Image
C1SGb2.jpg n/a Image
Andrew Jackson n/a Image
Part of General Sully's army near Fort Berthold, North Dakota Sully's Expedition of 1864 Image
Expeditions Map of Expeditions in Dakota Territory, 1863-64 By Alan Ominsky. From Kenneth Carley, The Dakota War of 1862, 1976. Image
Map of McLellan From Seth J. Temple, Camp McLellan During the Civil War, 1928. Image
A8SS2y.jpg n/a Image
A8SS2z.jpg n/a Image
A8SS6a.jpg n/a Image
A8SS6b.jpg n/a Image
Mankato List2 n/a Document
Mankato List List of Dakota names from Marion Satterlee, A Detailed Account of the Massacre by the Dakota Indians of Minnesota in 1862 (1923) Document
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A9SS1c.jpg n/a Image
Davenport The Davenport, about 1870 Image
A_CrowCreekReservationP166 (1).jpg n/a Image