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Anpetutokeca (John Other Day). John Other Day in approximately 1863. Image
Wambditanka n/a Image
C3SS1a.jpg n/a Image
C3SS1b.jpg n/a Image
C4PGb3a.jpg n/a Image
1858 Dakota Treaty Delegation In 1858, a month after Minnesota became the 32nd state in the union, a group of Dakota leaders were summoned to Washington, DC, where they were detained until they signed another treaty... Image
C2WGa2e.jpg n/a Image
C2WGa2c.jpg n/a Image
Treaty of Traverse des Sioux Traders' Papers Through two virtually identical treaties signed at Traverse des Sioux with the Wahpeton and Sisseton bands and at Mendota with the Mdewakanton and Wahpekute bands, the Dakota ceded all their land in... Document
C2WGa2a.jpg n/a Image
Little Crow's Village An interpretation of Little Crow's village, Kaposia, in Minnesota, by Seth Eastman in 1846-48. Image
George E.H. Day to Abraham Lincoln ...voluminous and outrageous frauds upon the Indians in Minnesota. George E.H. Day, January 1, 1862 A letter written by George E. H. Day on January 1, 1862. Day was a special commissioner sent... Document
C5PGb3.jpg n/a Image
The Trading Store A view inside a trading store in 1876. Image
C6SS1b.jpg n/a Image
Milford Township Milford Township Located just west of New Ulm in Brown County, Milford Township was populated by mostly German immigrants. It was attacked on August 18, 1862. More than 50 Milford Township residents... Image
W_Milfordb.jpg n/a Image
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T2SS1.jpg n/a Image
Little Crow Little Crow, 1862 Image
Jacob Nix Store Jacob Nix's Store, New Ulm, about 1860. Image
Little Crow1 Taoyateduta in 1858-59 Image
C7SS1a.jpg n/a Image
C7PGb2.jpg n/a Image