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Mankato Monument Monroe P. Killy at monument for the thirty-eight Sioux Indians who were hanged at Mankato. Photographer: Monroe P. Killy (1910-2010) taken about 1930. Image
Plate Glazed porcelain plate commemorating the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War with a portrait of Chief Wabasha. Portrait by Jacalyn Crooks Kokesch, 1987 Image
Bandana Bandana neckerchief.  The bandana was designed by Clement Paul "Babe" Whipple of Omaha, Nebraska, possibly commemorating the dedication of the limestone buffalo carving at Reconciliation Park in... Image
38 Ropes "38 Ropes" By Howard Christopherson, 1993. The drawing and title are the artist's response to the execution by hanging of 38 Dakota men in Mankato, December 26, 1862. Image
A Meeting of the Grandfathers This painting depicts a Dakota man during the Hanblecha, or Vision Quest. It was done in 2011 by Lyle Miller an artist and teacher of Dakota and Lakota heritage who lives at Crow Creek.  Image
Immigrants aboard Ship This photograph, taken in about 1890, is of immigrants aboard a ship to the U.S. The journey was a long one, often on disease-laden ships. After landing on U.S. shores, immigrants began the task of... Image
Valley of St. Peters A view of Bdote by Seth Eastman in 1848.  Image
City at Fort Snelling This map drawn by Thomas Moncure in 1857 shows the city that Franklin Steele planned to build on the Fort Snelling Military Reserve. Steele purchased the reservation from the United States... Image
Josiah Snelling Papers This personal diary documents events both significant and mundane in the life of Colonel Josiah Snelling, commanding officer at Fort Snelling from 1821-1825, and again from 1825-1827 before his... Document
Wicoie wowapi: wowapi pehanpi kin Wicoie wowapi: wowapi pehanpi kin (The Word Book Wall Roll)  This word book made by Alfred L. Riggs in the 1880s is an example of how missionaries translated the Dakota language into English.  Document
Sibley House A photograph of Henry Sibley's house taken in about 1895.  Image
Trading License License granted to Henry H. Sibley by Indian Agent Lawrence Taliaferro on September 30, 1835. The license grants trading rights "for one year at the entry of the River St. Peters near Fort Snelling... Document
Indian Agency Records Journal kept by Lawrence Taliaferro, Indian Agent of St. Peters from 1820-1839. Includes copies of letters sent by Taliaferro to Colonel Henry Leavenworth, Jean-Baptiste Faribault, General William... Document
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38 Ropes "38 Ropes" This drawing is Howard Christopherson's response to the execution by hanging of 38 Dakota men in Mankato, December 26, 1862, done in 1993. Image
Teacher and students, Morris Indian School Teacher and students at the Morris, MN Indian School taken in about 1895.  Image
Interior of Government School This photo was taken of the interior of Indian Government School on the Lower Sioux reservation near Morton, MN in about 1901. Image
Fur Traders at Dinner on the Prairie Edward Augustus Bromely took this picture of fur traders on the prairie in about 1910. Oxcarts like the one in the photograph were used to transport the traders' goods.  Image