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Title Meaning
Factionalism Conflict within an organization.
Flandreau Boarding School An off-reservation Indian boarding school in South Dakota located between Sioux Falls and Brookings.
Forfeiture Act The 1863 Act by which the government negated all Dakota treaty rights, confiscated their land, and banished the Dakota from Minnesota.
Fort Ridgely Located near Fairfax, MN, Fort Ridgely was designed as a police station to keep peace as settlers poured into Dakota lands after the 1851 treaties.
Fort Snelling A military fortification located at the confluence of the Minnesota River and Mississippi River in Hennepin County, Minnesota, considered the center of creation, or B'dote, for Dakota people. After the War of 1812, the U.S. government established its strategic presence at the river junction with the arrival of military forces and an Indian agent, whose goals were to promote and protect the interests of the United States in the region's fur trade. There was a strong diversity of experience at the Fort, and it is viewed in various ways today. It was the site of a prison (or concentration) camp for Dakota people after the U.S.-Dakota War. http://www.historicfortsnelling.org/history
Fortitude Courage in pain or adversity.
Frank Fools Crow A Lakota spiritual leader, he was instrumental in negotiating the end of the insurrection at Wounded Knee in 1973.