They all stuck together no matter what.

Mr. White talks about the lessons he learned from his mother growing up.

Things to think about: 

What cultural values were instilled in you as a child?

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DL: Who taught you the most about being Dakota?

BW: Probably my mother.

DL: Do you remember some of the things she taught you?

BW: Well, one of the things that kind of stuck with me was, she would talk about her younger days and how they would live along the river and how they traveled in boats and how they all worked together. How they all stuck together no matter what. She said, “You know, if you’re Dakota and you’re Indian these are some of the things that you do. You watch out not only for yourself but for other people. If other people ever come to your house, make sure they’ve got something to eat or drink if you’ve got it. If anybody asks you to do anything, do it because if they think that much of you to ask you, you ought to do it.” So that’s something I’ve always tried to follow. If someone’s ever asked me to do something, if it’s lawful, I usually try to do it.

Oral History- Interview | Narrator Byron White Interviewer Deborah Locke made in Lake Elmo, MN | Thursday, April 21, 2011

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