There were so many Dakotas killed, unrecorded.

Mr. Taylor talks about 1862 through the lens of the persecution of Native American's in U.S. history, and today.

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AT: You know when the president there at that time-

DL: Lincoln.

AT: Yes. He pardoned about 300 or 400 people.

DL: He pardoned- 303 were found guilty and he dismissed all of them except for the 38 plus 2.

AT: And on top of that, how many were- there were so many Dakotas killed, unrecorded.

DL: Yes.

AT: Why didn’t you ask me that?

DL: How many were killed that were unrecorded?

AT: Thousands and thousands; we don’t know. But it’s happening all over.

DL: This was beyond the battlefield, then.

AT: Yes. Today it’s happening. It’s still happening.

DL: Because of the war, you’re saying? Because of this war there are still thousands of Dakota who are dying?

AT: It’s happening ever since 1482. When I use that expression- wherever you look, all you see is nothing but dollar signs. But we were in the way. All the Natives, it’s not just the Dakota, but all the Native people, they were in the way. And they brought sicknesses with the blankets, smallpox, measles, you know, T.B and whatever.

Oral History- Interview | Narrator Albert Taylor Interviewer Deborah Locke in Dakota Tipi First Nation Manitoba, Canada | Friday, January 20, 2012

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