"The Weight On My Shoulders"

"The Weight on My Shoulders"

Wool woven textile by Maggie Thompson, 2012. Purchased from the 2012 "Ded Unk'unpi - We Are Here" exhibit.

In her artist statement, she writes, "The red stripes woven with gold represent and honor the 38 individuals who were hung, marking the end of the Dakota war. The lines are located over the head and shoulders to symbolize the weight of sadness that is passed down from generation to generation. The cape represents a hanging figure and mourning, which can either be lifted off or worn. With the emotional confusion that surrounds Native American history, it is important to acknowledge the past, recognize its effects on the present and insure its legacy in the future. This piece is meant to be a vehicle for remembrance, as a way to reflect on the strength and history of our people."