Return of the Killed and Wounded at Fort Ridgely, Minnesota

return of killed and wounded at Fort Ridgely p1
return of killed and wounded at Fort Ridgely p2

This list was made by John W. Jones after the battles at Fort Ridgely. Jones made this list of the casualties as part of his report to superiors.
John W. Jones was a combat-wounded veteran of the Mexican War (1846-47) who in 1862 was serving as ordnance sergeant at Fort Ridgely. In charge of the government artillery there, he trained soldiers of the Fifth Minnesota Infantry garrison. During the two battles at Fort Ridgely, artillery was instrumental in holding off the overwhelming number of Dakota soldiers.  
Sgt. Jones was later commissioned captain of the Third Battery, Minnesota Volunteer Artillery, and served on the 1863 Sibley Expedition and the 1864 Northwestern Indian Expedition.
From the Minnesota Historical Society archives.