Amos Huggins diary, 1851-1852


Amos Huggins' diary from 1851-1852. These diary fragments detail daily life and events at Lac qui Parle and Traverse des Sioux. Amos was killed during the Dakota War. 


[p. 1:] April [1851] 5th Father and I ground some corn in the morning and then hauled the rails to the place where the fence was to be Then in the afternoon we put up 15 panels of fence 6th Sabbath I read through the first book of Kings and a little in Baxter’s Saints Rest 7th Snowing hard I went to shoot ducks but got none at Noon I concluded to study some My plan is to study Grammar whenever I can find a little time and to study Geography when I find time to stay upstairs awhile [p. 2:] April [1851] Evening [of April 7th] It has been snowing hard all day but has now stopped There is 6 or 8 inches of snow on the ground 8th Tuesday Father and I went down half a mile or more and cut 3 saw legs Mr Hopkins hauled them P.M. Father and I went up nearly to Georges and got a large log This morning it was 10 above zero 9th We ground two sacks of corn and I dug about 20 post holes 10 & 11th We made some fence and hauled the Winona in the water and out again [p. 3] 11th Father and I corked it and put it in the water 12th It rained nearly all day Mr Hopkins bored and inch augur hole in the boat Sabbath [the 13th] it rained nearly all day 14th Monday We bailed the boat in the afternoon Jo. LaBlanc helped Father make fence I dug holes till noon 15. Tuesday 11 oclock we have been waiting on Jo[seph] Laframboise all morning [p. 4:] April At noon [of the 15th] the cart came on & we started Philip Louis & myself We went finely & slept a little below Wanpiagedan(?) 16th Wednesday Afternoon We have been coming pretty well today The men have been shooting a good deal at ducks which has hindered us some but they have killed nothing today We have passed the Big woods There has been but little wind & that against us At sundown we stopped a little below the rapids [p. 5:] 17th Last night after we eat our supper we got on the Boat to float I tried to persuade the men not to work any but the[y] rowed two or three hours & I steered then we tied up 5 or 4 miles above Prairieville This morning we started at break of day and got [to] Mr Ponds before sun up I went up to the house The people were all in bed but Mr Pond Phillip stopped near an hour [?] oclock P. M. at Mr Prescotts We arrived at Sibley about 4 oclock and with considerable of hurrying we got the boat unloaded and brought across the river [p. 6:] April 18th Friday I got $ 10, from Mr Steele then went down on foot to St Pauls & carried down the candlesticks & odd shoe I could do nothing with them I bought some things & returned in the evening 19th Saturaday Kapoja I came down here in Mr Prescotts wagon I went down in the evening with Mr Ellison & Mr Prescotts folks to Mr Dentans We took supper there and got back here late in the evening 20th I slept at Drs last night & came over to Uncles 2 [p. 7:] this morning At 10 oclock Dr preached at Uncle Cooks in Dakota At two oclock Mr Hankok spoke in English & in the evening they had Indian meeting 21st Monday Prescotts We came back this morning I wanted to get in Mr Steeles ware house & went for the key They said I had got it away Saturday & had not brought it back This troubled me very much I received a letter from Silas & one from [?] 22nd Tuedsay Uncle Henry & Lawrence Prescott and I came over here yesterday evening [p. 8:] We went to St Pauls today [the 22nd] I bought three barrels of lime from Mr Fuller at the Boston furnishing store also some other purchases & we went back to Uncles & took dinner then we return to Mr Prescotts 23d Wednesday Yesterday evening the Yankee brought up two barrels of lime that I had bought & today I had to go back to St Pauls for the other barrel I walked down and got him to promise to send it up on the first boat then I went out to Uncle Henrys and staid all night [p. 9:] 24th Thursday This morning Uncle took his wagon to town & I went with him The Nominee was at the upper landing & I hoped to go up to the Fort on it I wanted to go to Auction but was afraid the boat would leave me I therefore waited then till nearly noon I had some trouble to get the barrel of lime on board but we finally got off & soon got up to the Fort The Mission supplies were on the boat therefore I thought it was time to be getting ready to start Louis, Hiram Prescott, & I went to bailing out the boat We put some of the things in the Boat & I slept there by myself It rained a very little in the night [p. 10:] April 25th Friday This morning I went over to Sibleys and saw Polete. The Sibleys are both gone I told him I wanted two hands one of them in Philips place & he promised to send them very soon About 9 oclock Louis and one of the Frenchmen got there We finished loading what we were going to put on & just as We were ready to start over the river Mr Ellison came We went over and got our load made out at Sibleys Then we came back & I went up to Mr Prescotts to get what things I had left there it was half after two oclock We found that two of our oars were missing [p. 11:] and we borrowed two very poor ones The wind was against us and we got along very slowly We stopped at Black Dogs Village 26th Saturday This morning there was a very strong head wind so that we could hardly travel We went pretty steady and got within 2 or 3 miles of Prairieville We left the Frenchmen with the boat & William & I went to Mr Ponds 27th Sabbath I had a very bad cold Mr Pond had English meeting & wanted me to sing when I couldn’t but I had to try Mr Ellison & I walked up to the Boat but it was on [p. 12:] the other side of the river & we went back to Mr Pond 28th Monday. We rose early and started up to the boat but when we got to the place the boat was gone and so we started back We found it opposite D. Farribaults We ate our breakfast there & went on up to the landing where we put off Mr Ponds freight & went on 29th Tuesday Yesterday evening we got nearly up to the rapids the men were talking about stopping & I wanted to go past the rapids but I fell in the river and we stopped. This morning [p. 13:] it was snowing and the men thought it would not do to travel such a day as this & we waited about 11 oclock and it quit snowing & we went on 30th [&]1st It was very cold and my hands suffered a good deal we travelled pretty well but the men had to stop and smoke very well[crossed out] frequently 3 May 2nd Friday We had favorable wind part of the day & got nearly up to Mayaska Louis killed five ducks [p. 14:] May 3rd We got home at 11 A. M. In the afternoon we unloaded the boat [very faint:] ‘Repeated this’ [p. 15:] [blank] [p. 16:] May 3rd We started rather earlier than common & with a fair wind got home about 11 oclock In the afternoon we unloaded the boat 4th Sunday the prettiest day we have had for a long time I got letters from I. & F. P. & A. R. 5th Monday We took the Winona up to the village after Tom & brought him down Then Mr Ellison & I went to hewing saw logs 6th We finished hewing and then went to cutting potatoes In the eve Father got home [p. 17:] 7th Wednesday Mr Hopkins & I got to plowing about noon it was very windy 8th I had a great hunt for the eoxen In the afternoon We got to plowing again & finished the land 9th I was gone a good while for the oxen again We furrowed the field one way Father & Mr Ellison finished sawing their first log 10th We all three sawed 11th Sunday I spent the day very idly [p. 18:] May 12th Monday Father started up to plow for the colony at the rapids I furrowed out the field one way & we planted some of it & sawed some 13th Mr Ellison & I went out to the woods & & [sic] we were coming back Jerry came near breaking his neck 14th Wednesday We planted some potatoes and sawed some 15th Mr Ellison & I worked at the sills of the porch It was 84 above zero [p. 19:] Friday 15th we got the sills together 17th We worked at putting sleepers in their places till noon & in the afternoon we sawed some rafters & spaded in Mr Hopkins garden He brought the oxen over the river 18th Sabbath 19th We went fro a load of wood & got back 10 minutes before 4 oclock they we hewed a little [p. 20:] 20th [of May] Tuesday We ground a little corn in the forenoon & fixed some boards on the wagon to hall manure on In the afternoon we hauled 4 loads 21st We hauled manure The river has been rising 4 or 5 day[s] & is still rising it over nearly half the bottom 22nd It is raining this morning We did not do much before noon in the afternoon we sawed steady 23d We worked at the porch Messrs Riggs & McL[e]od arrived [p. 21:] here I received letters from Uncle Jonas and Aunt Fanny also a letter from Newton H to S. P. Lorenzo brought his boy to say here 24th Saturday Mr E. & I worked at the porch 25th Mr Riggs preached in Sioux and Mr H in English 26th Three of us sawed nearly all day 4 27th Mr Riggs & Co got started down the river I sold my coat to Mr Ellison for $11.00 & agreed to take Mr H for pay [p. 22:] May The river is at a stand 28th It rained hard this morning an hour or two I worked in the garden till noon & in the afternoon I hauled manure. About 6 oclock the Winona arrived Mr Mc & R. H. came back on it I received a letter from Harriet Huggins The river falling a little 29th Thursday The Winona started back about noon I cut a little wood in the forenoon & in the P. M. I hauled manure Labell started to L. P. I sent a letter to L. P. & on to A. G. H. [p. 23:] Friday J. L. came with his boy yesterday evening & staid all night at Grahams I hauled manure today Father got home in the evening 31st Father & I broke up the rest of the ground in the field June 1st Sabbath 2nd Alexis & I planted potatoes The river rose very fast last night & today It got on Grahams field about daylight and ours about noon [p. 24:] June 3rd Last night the river rose 5 inches & 2 this forenoon in the afternoon it was at a stand Father Alexis & I hauled manure 4th Last night the river fell 3 or 4 inches We worked at porch got the rafters up & some sheeting 5th We finished sheeting & shingled a little 6th We nearly finished roofing 7th We put down the floor of the Porch without dressing & took it up & began dressing it [p. 25:] June Mr Laframboise & his son went past 8th Sabbath I read some in Moffatts southern Africa & found it very interesting 9th We sawed some on a very tough log and dressed some flooring 10th We sawed some more this morning and dressed flooring in the evening 11th We finished our log and worked some at the porch Alexis was sick and took tartar [p. 26:] June 12th We worked a little I tried to stop the fish(?) up in the bottom 13th Mr H. Miss W. & Alfred walked up from Waukeogedan(?) and got here about 4 oclock 14th The Winona arrived about noon Father commenced weatherboarding 15th Sabbath Mr H preached in English Mr R in Sioux in the morning 16th Monday We left home about 4 oclock P.M. & came on [p. 27:] to the Wiwin son In trying to go round the horses were mired and we pulled the wagon out with the oxen About 9 oclock Father came out brought us a loaf and staid all night 17th We started early pulled out of the wiwi with the oxen took wood at the cold spring and camped 3 or 4 miles this side We met several companies from L. P. 18th Last night we all slept in the tent except Mr Riggs About 12 at night we found the tent blown on us & the rain pouring down in torrents We started a little [p. 28:] [`We baked five cakes this’ crossed out] before noon & came onto Clear Lake outlet then it commenced raining again We stopped awhile and then concluded we had better cross the river It rained hard We waded the river It came into 5 the wagon a good deal I was very cold and my things were wet in my box so that I had nothing dry to put on About 8 oclock it quit raining and we dried a little and slept comparatively comfortably [p. 29:] June 19th Thursday we staid at the camp till 10 oclock dried our things some and baked 5 cakes of bread Then we came on to [`Mud river’crossed out] a stream which we found impassable [`Again it commenced raining We set up the tent and’ crossed out] stopped and staid till morning [20th] the stream had fallen till by raising the things up in the wagon we brought the things over & came on to Mud river which was very high It commenced raining again and blowing we had set up the tent but could hardly hold it up 21st Saturday We staid there till Wednesday eve [p. 30:] 25th Wednesday in the evening Some Indians came & brought a canoe and soon after Lorenzo arrived with two yoke of oxen the skin Boat is a small canoe 26th We ferried over in the morning and got started by about 10 oclock got to Canl(?) river by noon ferried over in the skin boat in 3 or 4 hours and came nearly to the Buffalo heads 27 Friday we found a place where we could cross the first river by raising the things up in the wagon [p. 31:] We met Uncle Jonas before we got to the other river came on to Beaver river crossed without difficulty Then we left the oxen in the care of Lorenzo & Brother and came past the Hat river 6 miles 28th We started early breakfasted at Hawk river took dinner at the lake and got up here at 1 ½ oclock P.M 29th Sunday 30th Monday In the morning & evening I & Dresser hoed potatoes I went over to the Mayawak(?) to meet Lorenzo M’s carts start(?) [p. 32:] July 1st I & Dresser hoed potatoes till about 10 it rained till noon then Alfred Lo. & I went after 115 bean poles I started a letter to A. G. H. 2nd In the forenoon I done a few small jobs We ground a little & hoed some beans I wrote to A. G. H. 3d Dresser & I hoed potatoes 4 also 5th We finished 3rd we all ate supper at Mr Rs 4th Lane Alfred his two sisters and I ate at Mr Dressers 6th Sabbath I read in Esther and Job [p. 33:] It rained this morning awhile I hoed in the garden and field till noon and Uncle & Lo & I all hoed in the afternoon in the turnip patch Joseph Renville arrived here in the evening and said that Cousin R Hopkins was drowned 8th Tuesday Uncle, Caucan(?) & I hoed turnips all day 9th Mr Riggs, Uncle I, Lane & Lo started down to Traverse I took the oxen out to the river & brought back Mrs Riggs and all her children except A. L. & M. T. Aunt Fanny & her children We heard that Sioux have been killed today by Chippewas [p. 34:] In the evening Alfred & I nearly finished the turnips 10th Thursday Alfred helped me about two hours we finished the turnips and weeded peas the rest of the day 11th We finished weeding peas at 6 oclock Alfred helped most of the day 6 12th In the forenoon I hoed in the field and garden In the afternoon We enlarged the calf pasture I received by McLeod letters from John W Silas Martin & Father 13th Sabbath A very warm day We had no meeting I finished Job and commenced reading the Psalms 14th I made a wood bie(?) and hauled a load of wood poled beens hoed beets wrote a letter to John P. Williamson & P. 15th I worked at the pumpkin beans &c.(?) till noon & cut weeds in the potatoes in the afternoon 16th Worked in the potatoe patch 17th rained last night ground [p. 36:] too wet to hoe potatoes I made some posts for the a Caponka bar(?) made a wheel to go by mine tied beans to the poles &c. &c. wrote some to Silas 18th Hoed the cabbage then hauled three loads of wood Mr dresser & I built the fence that blew down on the night of 11th could not find the culvert for some time Uncle got hom at 9 P.M. 19th We went over for the horses & wagon We rode over on to this side on the horses and swam back & brought the wagon over on the boat I received a letter from Father 20th Sabbath the Prayer meeting A.M. in Sioux P. M. in English [p. 37:] 21st Monday In the morning I wrote a little to my sisters and sent it by Markiya Wicaxta Uncle & S. Latins(?) Alfred & I hoed potatoes & turnips Mrs Riggs & Co took supper at Uncles 22nd Tuesday We hoed a row apiece of turnips and then it rained all day 23 We hoed turnips in the afternoon we made a few shingles in the forenoon Uncle J. helped Kennedy in the afternoon In the evening we Mr Dresser Uncle & I swam down the river from the Sioux Treaty signed 24th We hoed all the potatoes between the turnips and the wheat [p. 38:] [July] 25th Friday Uncle & I gathered the first mess of peas then hoed the short rows of potatoes which took us till about two oclock then we ground and hung 4 scythes 26th Uncle J. Kawauke Alfred Joseph & I went out to Mayawakan for his things I received letters from Father & Eli Petty[john] 27th Sabbath Mr R was unwell and got Kewauke to read a chapter in the Sioux Bible then we talked a little In the afternoon Uncle Jonas read a sermon 28th Cloudy & we did not see [p. 39:] the eclipse We eat all the barley that was left except a very small patch that was too green In the evening I went with Mr Dresser to the Mayawakan for sand I went fishing & staid all night caught 12 29th We bound the barley that was too wet yesterday and I made shingles 30th Uncle & I worked at making a wagon tongue till 2 oclock then he went to look for a meadow & I fixed a fork & made a rake handle 31st Thursday Uncle J & I went about a mile on the old road to the Mayawakan and mowed a little more than an acre of pretty heavy grass Lorenzo got home from the treaty this evening [p. 40:] August 1st Mich, Kawauke & I went and mowed today & put up 16 cocks of what we mowed yesterday I got two bibles from Mr Righs Dr W 2nd Saturday We all three went and mowed a little & it came on rain & we got home at 10 ½ oclock 3d Sabbath There were a good many indians at meeting Mr J reading & Kennedy were at English meeting The indians stole some potatoes 7 4th We went and mowed a little & then put up 50 cocks Alfred helped us a little in the evening We had the first mess of potatoes 5th We reaped wheet till a little after noon when it came on rain [p. 41] 6th Wednesday Kawauke & I went & mowed till pretty late I was very tired when we quit 7th Simon W. T. came to help us reap After we had reaped 2 hours Kawauke cut his hand & quit We put up 70 dozen 8th We finished cutting wheat by noon after noon W. T. came & Uncle set him to watching the field & We wend [went?] and mowed a little 9th Simon watched & We & Kawaude mowed till near noon & then put up 63 hay cocks 10th Sabbath I went to Sioux meeting & Uncle J watched the field & I watched in the afternoon [p. 42:] 11th Monday I hunted the horses on foot till noon went to the Big Cooly & Waga wanjidan but found them not In the afternoon Uncle hunted them and did not find them & I went & mowed 12th Kawauke Uncle and I mowed and put up about 30 hay cocks 13th Maxianutanka helped us mow & Kawauke watched the field 14th I mowed the peas & built the wheat on the wagon & Mr Riggs stacked it We hauled it with the oxen 15th It rained most of the forenoon I put in a hammer handle & some [p. 43:] other little jobs In the afternoon We went with Mr Kennedys company to the Mayawakan to turn over the scow 16th Sat I shot 24 pidgeons one gray ground squirrel one hawk and some black birds 17th There were very few at forenoon meeting Uncle watched the field & in the evening no one watched it 15th We staked the barley Uncle & I each killed a goose P. M. I went out to the river with Dresser & Lorenzo to help cork the scow [p. 44] In the evening [of August 18th] Mr Riggs paid me 29 dollars for two months work after taking out one dollar for two bibles I received He also gave me two other books for the two days since my time was out 19th Mr Kennedy went yesterday to hunt the horses He found them 20 miles up the Wakipta river & brought them nearly home This morning Cuncan & I went for them It was nearly noon when we got home Uncle is not well Jo(?) & I ground a scythe & I done a few small jobs Uncle gave me $3.50 [?]sins great mill sawed today [p. 45] 27th Wednesday One week ago this morning I was to have started down with Labell from L. P. but the horses could not be found till afternoon Then we started Anpetuwaxta & Waxtete were along we slept within 4 miles of Utuhuxapa. 21st They killed many ducks & we slept at Sacred Hat river 22nd We got within 4 or 5 miles of Can wajidan river The indians killed two geese 23d When we got to Mud river they all started towards Laframboise & I came on about 3 miles past [p. 46] [`the Waza wanjidan In about 1 hour after I got there’ crossed out] The rest of them got there The road on this side of Mudriver was very bad 24th Sabbath They started on & I staid there I was quite lonesome Several Indians passed & a drove of Laframboise cart. At night the caponka(?) were so bad that I could not sleep well 25th I started before it was very light & only mired twice but came very near it a great many times & with difficulty got home between 5 & 6 oclock 8 [p. 47:] 26th I was not very well I went out to the hill with Father & mowed Today I am staying here to try & recover This morning I started letters to S.W.H..M.L.H..W.D.H..J.P.W..E.P. & W.W.E. I commenced a letter to L & J Miller 28th I went out to the meadow with Father we mowed till noon and afternoon we tried to cock hay but the wind was so strong we could not The mowing was very hard on account of the old grass & I got very tired 29th It rained last night & today We started out to the meadow about [p. 48:] 9 oclock mowed a little & sit under shelter part of the time Toward evening Father yoked up the oxen & we came on towards Georges by the woods in search of beter grass but found none that was good 30th We went & took the oxen to the meadow and mowed a little there went to turning the hay Alexis & E.[?] helped us a little till noon We did not winsin(?) any before noon & in the evening we did not get it near all cocked 31st Sabbath It rained a little nearly all day At 4 P.M. Cousin A. C. J. H. asked us a part of the shorter catechism [p. 49:] November 22nd Saturday I tended Mason(?) for S. Davis and recd 85 cts. Took supper at W. J. H. Mr Charles Barnes came to room with me 23d I went to meeting in the forenoon and at night caught some cold and coughed some at night I spent the Sabbath tolerably pleasantly 24th I had [`not’ crossed out] a poor lesson today rose late and rather lost my time 25th I studied last night [p. 50:] on my Greek lesson the conjugation of the verb Boulino rose at 5 and went at it again worked an hour before school and then studied till recitation and had a poor letter Last night I started a letter to L M Cook and began one to Father 16th I have not learned much today or worked much I cut a little wood for Mr Gary I wrote a letter to Harriet & put it in the office I also put one in the office for Father [p. 51:] 27th Thanksgiving Day I received a letter from John P Williamson, wrote my speech over again, went to meeting, took dinner at Mrs Wells, went to auction and bought a chair and blanket 28th I am not well to day I had my lessons as well as common translated a part of a fable at recitation today for the first time and wrote a letter to Uncle Isaac 29th Saturday I carried lime and mortar to the top of the Methodist church [p. 52:] and did not stand it very well I was indeed very tired I am to receive 65 cts. Sabbath. Last night I received a letter from Father I went 3 times to meeting December 1st I went this morning to Mr Wells to board I heard the children and worked around some I do not have time to get my lessons very well 4th Thursday I have good health I do not appear to do a great deal This evening I wrote some to Father [p. 53:] December 5th Friday We did not recite in Greek today Yesterday Hurd turned us back in Greek to the first declension and today he turned us back in Latin to the first of Etymology 6th I worked some for Miss Watson & cut wood for Mr Holcombe, Holmes, & Mrs Mills I worked this evening in the rain 9 9th My health is tolerable good and I get along tolerably well in my lessons not first rate I received letters today from S. W. H. & A. C. J. H. [p. 54:] 13th Saturday I hae sawed some wood today for Miss Watson, Mr Gary & Mr Holcomb On the 10th I received a letter from Traverse des Sioux My stomach is rather out of order and does not digest my victuals well 17th Wednesday. The weather has been very cold for some time Sabbath it was rather unpleasant Saturday night it snowed 2 or 3 inches deep which has lain on ever since The thermometer on Monday morning was about 18 below zero & this morning 10 below I have done no [p. 55:] work this week and have not got my lessons very well either I cough some at nights and feel pretty well in the day time Monday 22nd There has nothing of importance transpired during the past week I have scarcely written any and have never yet got out all the reading lesson Today Mr Hurd turned us back to the third declention again and also to the first of the fables I cough some but not a very great deal 24d [sic] I have been indulging my appetite too much lately [p. 56:] January 1852 1st I have been getting along pretty well with my studies for a while This morning I studied till half past 7 oclock and then went to breakfast I received two letters from home & one from Dr W & one W. W.(?) 5th On the 29th of January I went to see Mr Baskum He talked with me a little while and advised me to procure [John Angell] James[’]s anxious inquirer I got one from Mr Wilcox and commenced reading it after praying that it might be blessed to me I felt a great burden on my mind I hardly knew what On Sabbath I started to meeting just after [p. 57] I had read the place where it is showed that it is a sinners duty to believe now This was a new idea to me While I was ag meeting I tried to believe Gods word and give my heart to him and I felt the burden removed for a time but it again returned and I have a continual conflict in my mind between Faith and Unbelief, Hope & fear O may God grant to lead me in the way to eternal life and give me faith and an abiding sense of my own inability to do any thing to merit his favor Amen 10th I have been very unhappy most of the time for Several weeks I trust the Lord will lead me to his own fold Tonight I received a letter from Uncle Jonas & yesterday Jane received one from Eliza 12th I have studied pretty busily today I have not yet found that peace which I might have if I had a stronger faith January 31st Saturday night I have neglected writing lately till I cannot remember every thing which has happened The examination commenced on Monday the 19th I was examined in Greek at 2 ½ oclock P.M. Our class have a good examination Since the school has been out I have made about $2.00 sawing wood and went too the woods two days with Mr Hindmans(?) team I have been endeavoring to serve the Lord but Oh how unfaithful I am It seems as if there is no spiritual life in me but in Christ I have an all sufficient Saviour O that I may believe on him with all my heart I went this evening to the church meeting where there were a few men gathered together The meeting was interesting The weather has been very warm all week Last night it rained and to night it is freezing up [p. 60:] Feb 4th Mr Boones 10 On Monday evening the 2nd day of February I went out to distribute tracts I went to 6 houses and left 5 tracts which were received I feel that I am not a suitable person for the business O may the Lord strengthen me To day I moved over to Mr Boones with every prospect of a good situation I have studied very little yet I went to Monday exercises We were told that we would begin to study Algebra I have finished a letter to Father & the rest of the folks and one to Mr Riggs [p. 61:] 14th I can hardly believe I have been here ten days My health is tolerably good I have received an order on Henry Hill I am not making very rapid progress in my studies or in my journey toward heaven I have had many doubts and fears I do not take that delight in prayer that I ought and I feel backward to take up the cross when it seems to be difficult Mr Parker arrived here and preached last night The meeting commenced on Monday of the week This is Saturday Monday was the 9th [p. 62:] Feb 28th Saturday I have been at meeting every night and morning for three weeks till last night It is cold to day Snowed some and the wind is blowing pretty hard I have a very bad cold and I am doing nothing to day out of doors I have been very wicked in still continuing in unbelief Sometimes I almost despair But Christ is able to do all things I went up to Mr Gary yesterday evening and staid a little while [p. 63:] March 2nd Tuesday. I have not been to school or meeting since Friday I have a very bad cold which is getting some better now I do not feel like giving up being a Christian but Oh how cold I am how little delight I take in prayer It pains me to see it so but still I continue stupid Thursday March 4th 1852 I have been counting up my expenses this morning and as near as I can come at it I will write on the nest page [p. 64:] Paid out in work & cash 90.68 Sold from this $.55 Worked to the amount of 18.37 I have out at interest 40.00 Coming from Jane 24.25 I have on hands 2.85 Coming to me that was not paid for work and articles sold 3.80 I have therefore expended 82.03 On hands and owing to me 6.65 I found 50 cts. worth of tobacco and received as a presen[t] in candles .25 Present capital 70.90 Galesburg March 4th 1852 I have not been to meeting this week and only one day to school I had a chill yesterday evening and a shake the last night in February [p. 65:] Saturday March 6th I went to church meeting and with several others was examined having offered ourselves as candidates for membership in the church I feel that I ought to be very thankful for this great priviledge But I am wonderfully stupid and indifferent 6th or 7th Sabbath About 24 males & females, some by letter, entered publicly into covenant with God Oh what a blessing and how stupid am I I for the first time joined in celebrating the death and sufferings of our Saviour 11 [p. 66:] March 11th Saturday We have had some very warm weather Thermometer 72 above zero But it has been cold for several days and now it is snowing The thermometer has been down to about 10 above zero for several mornings The meetings are still held every night & morning and there is considerable interest Mr Parkers last sermon was preached on Monday night the 8th of this month I am not entirely well of my cough but much better than I was I find it sweet to pray but I do not love it as I ought [p. 67:] I hope the Lord will keep me as I know he will if I trust in him C. S. Barbour joined the church at the church meeting day before yesterday April first Thursday. One week ago to night on the 25th of March the series of meetings was closed but the morning prayer meetings are held this week although rather poorly attended The Lord is good to me and I am in totally good health The weather is very changeable thermometer has been up as high as 82 but this morning was only 24 above z[ero] [p. 68:] Saturday 10 Put a letter in office for H. Alkin(?) Recd from S. R. 13th[?] I went to Knoxville 14th First day last quarter Jane begins paying for her board 19th I have took Nux v[omica] about 20 days for my costiveness and am now taking another kind but to no purpose Mr & Miss Bates came to Mr Boons today Sat May 1st I planted some sweet corn and also a little early corn 3 hills of cucumbers some parsnip vegetable oysters sage beans 23 hills of watermelons [p. 69: blank] [p. 70: blank]