Carver's Cave


Carver's Cave MN 55102
United States
44° 56' 3.7788" N, 93° 6' 45.8676" W
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Carver's Cave is in Ramsey County This county, established February 20, 1855, was named for Capt. Jonathan Carver, explorer and author, who was born in Wyemouth, Massachusetts, on April 13, 1710, and died in London, England, January 31, 1780. He commanded a company in the French war, and in 1763, when the treaty of peace was declared, he resolved to explore the newly acquired possessions of Great Britain in the Northwest. In 1766 he traveled from Boston to the upper Mississippi River and spent the ensuing winter with the Dakota on the Minnesota River in the vicinity of the site of New Ulm. On his return, according to statements published after his death, he negotiated a treaty, May 1, 1767, at Carver's Cave, in the east edge of the present city of St. Paul, by which the Dakota granted to him a large tract of land on the east side of the Mississippi. Carver continued his explorations by a canoe journey along the north and east shore of Lake Superior. He returned to Boston in October 1768, soon sailed to England, and spent the remainder of his life in London.Carver's Cave is located in the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary From: Upham, Warren. Minnesota Place Names: A Geographical Encyclopedia. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press, First edition 1920. Third Edition 2001. Print.