Through Dakota Eyes: Narrative Accounts of the Minnesota Indian War of 1862

This collection of thirty-six narratives presents the Dakota Indians' experiences during a conflict previously known chiefly from the viewpoints of non-Indians.

"This volume brings together an invaluable collection of vivid eyewitness accounts of the Minnesota Indian War of 1862 and its aftermath. Of greatest interest is the fact that all the narratives assembled here come from Dakota mixed-bloods and full-bloods. Speaking from a variety of viewpoints and enmeshed in complex webs of allegiances to Indian, white, and mixed-blood kin, these witnesses testify not only to the terrible casualties they all suffered, but also to the ways in which the events of 1862 tore at the social, cultural, and psyhic fabrics of their familial and community lives. This rich contribution to Minnesota and Dakota history is enhanced by carefull editing and annotation." — Jennifer S. H. Brown, University of Winnipeg

Praise for Through Dakota Eyes

"For anyone interested in Minnesota history, Native-American history, and Civil War history in this forgotten theater of operations. Through Dakota Eyes is an absolute must read. …an extremely well-balanced and fascinating book that will take it's place at the forefront of Indian Historiography." — Civil War News

"An important look at how the political dynamic of Minnesota's southern Dakota tribes erupted into a brief, futile blood bath. It is also a vital record of the death song of the Dakota's traditional, nomadic way of life." — Minnesota Daily

"An appreciation for the diversity and complexity of Dakota culture and politics emerges from Through Dakota Eyes. … captures some of the human drama, tragedy, and confusion which must have surely characterized all American frontier wars." — American Indian Quarterly